Monday, 18 July 2016

Long term American War of Independence Plans

When I say long term I mean very long term. I would be happy completing the list below over 2 years.

British Legion (5th American Regiment) Green coats, faced black, tarleton helmets.
18 infantry, 18 cavalry.

Royal North Carolina Regiment (North Carolina Volunteers) Red coats, faced blue.
32 infantry.

Volunteers of Ireland (2nd American Regiment) Red coats faced green.
32 infantry.

Queen's Rangers (1st American Regiment) Green coats faced black, light infantry helmets.
40 infantry, 18 cavalry, 5 artillery.

New York Volunteers (3rd American Regiment) Red coats, faced blue.
32 infantry.

King's American Regiment (4th American Regiment) Red coats, faced olive green, slouch hats.
24 infantry.

De Lancy's Brigade (3rd Battalion) Red coats, faced blue, white slouched hats.
32 infantry.

84th Regt of Foot (Royal Highland Emigrant) Red coats,
32 Infantry.

In the past I have painted a few regiments of British regulars so I'm hoping the splatter of green will break up the mass of red coats to paint. I will almost certainly end up painting other things in between these projects. However for the moment I will concentrate on British Legion and the Royal North Carolina Regiment.

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