Friday, 5 February 2016

57ème Ligne Progress (2) GMB Flags and Warbases

Just a quick update, the flags from GMB have arrived (very speedy). They look fantastic, I have ordered a few flags previously but had forgotten quite of impressive they are. I used a simple PVA glue to fix the two sides together and they add a lot to the look of a battalion.

 I have been unsure as to how to base my figures since the beginning of this project. At first I was going to base each figure individually on rectangular bases, then decided to follow the General de Brigade rules set and base in companies of 6 per base, as you'll see in a previous post. I then came across the Warbases website (link to the right) and picked up a few trays with holes cut for you to set figures in the base. I figured this way I would be able to have them based individually but also in trays of six. However, they now look extremely dispersed and so I am back to square one. A classic case of over thinking an issue! Below are a few pictures of the new Warbase trays though they have not been completed yet and included is the new GMB flags.

I am looking forward to the completion of the first battalion which will hopefully only take a few more weeks. After the 1st battalion is complete I may begin work on the 3rd rather than the 2nd battalion as their grey greatcoats will be a nice change to the fine detail of the habit vests.

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