Friday, 1 January 2016


This blog will be dedicated almost exclusively to Napoleonic miniatures, specifically from the Perry Miniatures range, and the painting of those figures. Although I intend to use the General de Brigade rule set, there will be no wargaming posts.

The blog's main purpose will be to keep myself focused on each project and hopefully (although unrealistically) complete each project. I will be posting details on paints and materials used as well as some techniques and hopefully pictures of the finished articles.

I have painted various periods for easily over 15 years. My first painted figures were the Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings range. These have a huge nostalgic pull on me even today. I then found the historical ranges produced by the Perry Brothers. I began with The American War of Independence. I have played around with this period for probably close to 10 years but have tended to sell completed units on eBay when I grew bored of the period. I have also experimented with the Samurai range, Sudan range and with the Napoleonic range.

A huge influence on deciding to publish a blog is a blog I came across about 5 years ago Tarleton's Quarter by Giles Allison. Although I have never had the pleasure of conversing with Giles or in fact any wargamer/miniature painter I am convinced there is a huge silent community who view painted miniatures online as inspiration and encouragement for their project. I know this is the case with myself.

As a last note please be aware that posts will be fairly sparse as I am currently working full time, studying a degree in Psychology and I also have a daughter and a fiance to entertain.

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