Wednesday, 27 January 2016

57ème Ligne Progress (1) First figures

I began painting, rather conveniently, at the start of January. To date I have only completed 15 figures which will become the grenadier company a fusilier company and the command of the 1st Battalion. My target of a figure a day seems to be way off the mark, I think a battalion every 2 months is more realistic. I have however, bought almost all the figures required for the 3 battalion project, requiring only a few voltigeurs skirmishing and 2 fusilier companies. I also spent much time researching the specifics of the uniforms and developing the colour system I would use. I am quite happy with the results so far. However, I think the shade/highlight of the cloth may be a little too subtle for my relatively poor iPhone camera to pick out.

Below are the grenadier and 1st fusilier companies, oh and a sapper, completed though not based.


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